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AAS 100: Intro to Asian American Studies

Interdisciplinary introduction to the basic concepts and approaches in Asian American Studies. Surveys the various dimensions of Asian American experiences including history, social organization, literature, arts, and politics.

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AAS 200: US Race and Empire

Invites students to examine histories and narratives of U.S. race and empire, drawing upon multiple theoretical and methodological works in Asian American studies and related fields.

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AAS 215: US Citizenship Comparatively

Examines the racial, gendered, and sexualized aspects of US citizenship historically and comparatively. Interdisciplinary course taught from a humanities perspective. Readings draw from critical legal studies, history, literature, literary criticism, and ethnography.

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AAS 300: Theories of Race, Gender and Sexuality

Explores theories for performing interdisciplinary, intersectional and comparative studies within the field of Asian American studies. Follows multiple genealogies of critical work in ethnic and American studies.

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