The Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences will certify that a student has completed the program for the major upon recommendation by the Associate Head of the Department of Asian American Studies, Augusto Espiritu. An advisor will approve a student's course program and monitor the student's progress in meeting course requirements. A student's plan of courses for the major must be approved by AAS. A minimum grade point average of 2.75 is required for completion of courses taken in this department.

The major requires 33 hours of courses as follows:


Required Courses

3 Hours  - AAS 100: Introduction to Asian American Studies

3 Hours AAS 200: U.S. Race and Empire

3 HoursAAS 215: U.S. Citizenship Comparatively

3 HoursAAS 300: Theories of Race, Gender, and Sexuality

Additional Coursework

Complete at least 15 additional hours of substantive coursework offered by the department and listed on the Approved Additional Coursework List.

Approved Electives

Choose 6 hours from Approved Elective Course List

Total Hours: 33

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