Class Schedule - Spring 2021

AAS 100 - Intro Asian American Studies

Interdisciplinary introduction to the basic concepts and approaches in Asian American Studies. Surveys the various dimensions of Asian American experiences including history, social organization, literature, arts, and politics.

AAS 201 - US Racial & Ethnic Politics

Same as AFRO 201, LLS 201, and PS 201. See PS 201.

AAS 215 - US Citizenship Comparatively

Examines the racial, gendered, and sexualized aspects of US citizenship historically and comparatively. Interdisciplinary course taught from a humanities perspective. Readings draw from critical legal studies, history, literature, literary criticism, and ethnography. Same as AFRO 215, AIS 295, GWS 215, and LLS 215. Prerequisite: One of: AAS 100, AAS 120, AFRO 100 AIS 101, GWS 250, LLS 100.

AAS 246 - Asian American Youth in Film

Examines both mainstream and independent films and documentaries representing and/or produced by Asian American youth. Explores the role of multiculturalism and diversity issues in informing young people's experiences.

AAS 258 - Muslims in America

Introduction to the study of Muslims in the United States and broadly the history of Islam in the Americas. Using a comparative approach, we study how the historical narrative of African American and Latino Muslims relates to newer immigrant populations, primarily Arab American and South Asian American Muslim communities. Same as LLS 258 and REL 258.

AAS 281 - Constructing Race in America

Same as AFRO 281, HIST 281, and LLS 281. See HIST 281.

AAS 282 - Feminist and Queer Activisms

Same as GWS 282 and LLS 282. See GWS 282.

AAS 297 - Asian Families in America

Same as HDFS 221 and SOCW 297. See SOCW 297.

AAS 299 - Begin Topics Asian Am Studies

May be repeated in the same or subsequent terms to a maximum of 6 hours.

AAS 310 - Race and Cultural Diversity

Same as AFRO 310, EPOL 310, EPS 310, and LLS 310. See EPS 310.

AAS 343 - Criminalization and Punishment

Same as AFRO 343, AIS 343, GWS 343, and LLS 343. See LLS 343.

AAS 365 - Asian American Media and Film

An examination of media generally and films and videos more specifically (experimental, documentary, independent, and Hollywood features) by, for, and about Asian Americans. Same as MACS 365. Prerequisite: Any AAS course at the 100- or 200-level, or consent of instructor.

AAS 375 - Prisons, Race, and Terror

Examination of the U.S. prison regime, focusing on three dimensions of U.S. imprisonment -- criminal justice, immigrant detention, and martial imprisonment, particularly under the War on Terror. Same as LLS 377.

AAS 400 - Critical Ethnic Studies

Examines the formation of the field of Critical Ethnic Studies and elaborates its key concepts, such as settler colonialism, indigeneity, heteropatriarchy, decolonization, and liberation. Same as LLS 460. 3 undergraduate hours. 4 graduate hours.

AAS 479 - Race, Medicine, and Society

Same as ANTH 479 and LLS 479. See LLS 479.